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Changing Lives One Brick at a Time!

3,000sq. ft.
14 Beds

This new addition to our existing building will expand our capacity to 24 beds, including 4 family bedrooms.


In the heart of a bitter winter, with the mercury barely climbing above the freezing point, a scene of desperation unfolded as the car doors swung open. Three small children, their feet bare and their bodies unprotected by the warmth of sweaters, tumbled out of the back seat, their mother's cautionary words echoing in the frigid air. The back seat of the vehicle told a story of its own, littered with black garbage bags containing the meager possessions of this family, a stark reminder of their homelessness.

For a month, they had been trapped in a cycle of survival, confined to the cramped quarters of their car, parked in a local lot. Deprived of the basic necessities that many take for granted, they had nowhere to tend to their personal needs, nowhere to find a warm meal, and nowhere to seek shelter from the biting cold. Safety was a luxury they could only dream of, as they huddled together, their breath forming small clouds in the chilly air.

But in the midst of their struggle, a glimmer of hope emerged. Compassionate individuals stepped forward, offering the resources and support this family so desperately needed. Through their tireless efforts, this small family found themselves on the path to long-term housing, a stable foundation upon which they could begin to rebuild their lives. It was a moment of transformation, a testament to the power of community and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.


Homelessness increased 12% in 2022

This was due to many factors including increased rent costs and the expiration of the eviction moratorium and child tax credits

Since 2019, Open Door has provided more than 100 women and their 50 children with a place to live.

All in a safe welcoming environment where resources are provided.


The Plans:

We are planning a 3,000 square foot, 15 bed addition to our existing building. It will include two family bedrooms, a six-bed dorm room, kitchen, two bathrooms, conference room, laundry, office, and gathering space.


It will give us a capacity of 24 beds including four family bedrooms.

We're close, but really need your help now!

The construction and associated costs are estimated at $700,000. With the aid of primary donations and existing equity, we have accumulated over $400,000 in funds towards the $700,000 goal.

We are beginning the initial phase of our Capital Campaign which will fill the gap between grant funding and in-kind donations and total costs.


Your Contributions Build More.

Make a lasting impact with your generosity. When you contribute between $500 and $4,999 to our cause, we will reach out to you about the engraved bricks placed on our patio. This special recognition will serve as a permanent testament to your support and commitment to building a stronger community. Your contribution, no matter the size, helps us create a solid foundation for those in need.


Naming Opportunties

Your generosity will be celebrated at every stage of our project. As a donor, you will be honored with an invitation to the groundbreaking ceremony, where you'll witness the beginning of a transformative journey. Once the facility is completed, you'll be among the first to see the unveiling of a space that will change lives. Your commitment will be permanently etched on our Recognition Wall within the facility, a testament to your kindness and support.

We will also proudly acknowledge your contribution on our social media platforms and website, sharing your impact with our community. For those who donate $5,000 or more, personalized plaques will be placed at each location you've helped to create, serving as an enduring reminder of the difference you've made. Your generosity will be woven into the very fabric of our organization, inspiring others and leaving a lasting legacy of compassion.

Donate your expertise in plumbing, electrical, or other trades to support our mission.

Trade Skills (Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentry, etc.)

Leverage your network to facilitate donations of essential materials from suppliers.

Connections to Material Suppliers

Your unique ideas for in-kind donations can make a big difference. Share with us!

Have Your Own Idea? Let Us Know!

Open Door Annex


Naming Opportunities


Your generous contribution directly supports our mission and the women and children we serve.

- former Open Door Women's Shelter Client

Open Door Women's Shelter helped me when I was in a very bad situation in my life. I had nowhere to turn and I had actually given up on life. I entered Open Door in 2021. I stayed at there for 2 months. They helped me get the help that I needed with mental health, doctor appointments, food stamps, state identification, and housing. I thank GOD for Open Door, I am no longer homeless

Your generous contribution directly supports our mission and the women and children we serve.

Your generous contribution directly supports our mission and the women and children we serve.


Only 3 shelters to serve over 500,000

In Northeastern North Carolina, there are only three active shelters that take women and children - and if we take in 3 mothers with children, we are at capacity!

Your generous contribution directly supports our mission and the women and children we serve.

Security System


Sprinkler System





Covered Patio




Gathering Space



Your generous contribution directly supports our mission and the women and children we serve.

Handicap Ramp


Conference Room


Dorm Room


Family Bedroom #1


Family Bedroom #2



Your generous contribution directly supports our mission and the women and children we serve.



Computer Lab


Library/Toy Corner


Core Bedroom #1


Core Bedroom #2



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