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Open Door Women's Shelter is a shelter for women and their children experiencing homelessness.

Women do not have to have children to enter our shelter.



We provide a safe, warm environment for women and their children who are unsheltered or living in a place unfit for human habitation. Once admitted into the shelter residents must check-in nightly between 6 & 7pm and exit each morning by 8:00am. Transportation is not provided. Case management is available but is optional.

In order to stay in the Emergency Shelter Program you will need to provide verification of homelessness.

This may include an eviction notice or a statement from a family member, friend, or community member.

Download: Eviction Verification Form

Download: Statement from Family or Friend Form

Open Door Women's Shelter is a community living facility comprising shared spaces.

You must be able to reside with others in a peaceful manner. Each room has multiple beds and residents share bathrooms, common areas, laundry, and kitchen. We have a zero-tolerance policy for violence. 

The possession of drugs and/or alcohol on the property of Open Door Women's Shelter is strictly prohibited. 


- former Open Door Women's Shelter Client

Open Door Women's Shelter helped me when I was in a very bad situation in my life. I had nowhere to turn and I had actually given up on life. I entered Open Door in 2021. I stayed at there for 2 months. They helped me get the help that I needed with mental health, doctor appointments, food stamps, state identification, and housing. I thank GOD for Open Door, I am no longer homeless

Download: Shelter Rules & Regulations

Equal Access Policy

ODCC staff, volunteers and contractors will not deny any eligible person facilities, services, or other benefits. We will not provide services that are different, or are provided in a different form, from that provided to others under the program. We will not subject any person to segregated or separate treatment in any facility or in any manner or process related to receipt of any service or benefit under the program. We will not restrict in any way access to, or the enjoyment of any advantage or privilege enjoyed by others in connection with facilities, services, or other benefits under the program. We will not treat any person differently from others in determining whether the person satisfies any admission, eligibility, or other requirement or condition, which individuals must meet to be provided shelter, services, or other benefits provided under the program. We will not deny meaningful access to persons with limited English proficiency, to include translated documents, notice of participant’s rights, grievance forms, and other materials vital for program access or fail to work with language services or an interpreter to assist persons who speak an alternate primary language.


Anti-Discrimination Policy

In compliance with the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Equal Access Rule, Open Door Women’s Shelter, its staff, volunteers and contractors, will not discriminate on the basis of: race, ethnicity, color, national origin, language, ancestry, religion, age, LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, etc) status, domestic or sexual violence victim status.

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