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Volunteer Orientation Update!

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Recently we started the kick-off of our inaugural volunteer orientations for the Day Center at Open Door.🚪

This groundbreaking initiative will see our shelter open its doors for two full days every week - on Wednesdays and Sundays 🗓️. This has been a long-standing vision of the Open Door founders. Our ultimate goal? Boosting positive results for our residents 🌟. We're aiming to witness more residents smoothly transitioning into permanent homes 🏡. We believe that by actively involving them, we can make this dream a reality.

The Day Center will be under the watchful eyes of our dedicated staff and volunteers. For those looking to lend a hand, volunteers can commit to a 3-hour shift either on a Sunday or Wednesday, at least once a month 📅. Our orientations offer a sneak peek into the shelter and a detailed overview of the program for potential volunteers.

By being open for two full days, we're achieving two major milestones: 1️⃣ Offering a much-needed break for our women and their families, giving them the time and space to chase their dreams (especially since they usually have to leave by 8am every day) 🌅. 2️⃣ Introducing enrichment sessions for our residents by teaming up with community partners on these open days 🤝. These sessions will cover a range of essential topics like parenting, budgeting, financial wisdom, resume crafting, job skills, culinary arts, and more 📚.

Mark your calendars! 📌 Our Day Center pilot takes flight on Wed, Nov 1. We're thrilled to announce that Natasha Richardson will be joining us on three Sundays in November, offering employment training for those keen residents 📝. Plus, we have a kind-hearted community member who's eager to cook alongside our residents a few times a month 🍳.

The sky's the limit when it comes to how our community can contribute to this initiative. #OpenDoorNC #CommunityFirst #EmpowermentThroughEngagement 🌍🤗.

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